Make the most of your blogging

If you are a blogger, who is spending their time writing numerous blog posts hoping people are going to keep visiting your site or subscribing to your blog. There is another way, by automatically send people an email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with all your recent posts without having to do any additional work after setup.

RSS feed to email campaign, is where you get people to sign up on your website to your email list which you link to email campaign account like Mailchimp (which is free!). Once you have set up the initial campaign it does all the work for you. You will need to promote the sign up so you get more subscribers but once you have a number of people signed up you then have a list of people you know are interested in what you do so could be potential clients! So not only can you send your planned and carefully crafted newsletters and marketing information through your dedicated signed up client list, but you can also tailor it so that people can get regular updates of all your blog posts without having to write or duplicate or repost it on other sites, how cool would that be.

If this is something that appeals to you then talk to us about how we can set up your RSS feed to email campaign or if you would like us to set up a newsletter for your customers get in contact!

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