Using Stock Images For Websites or Print

Stock images are a cost-effective method to obtain professional visuals. Hiring a photographer can be a great way of getting a series of images that you need or using an illustrator / graphic designer […]

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Creating an online shop on a budget

It wasn’t that long ago that having a online shop was either very costly or you had to sell through a third party like eBay. I remember it well we used to […]

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How to Simplify Your Website Design

We have all seen websites that have so many messages you can not workout where you are meant to look, let alone go. Simplifying your website design can make it much easier […]

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WordPress 4.0 Dashboard Basics

This is an update from a previous tutorial, it is a basic familiarisation of the WordPress dashboard using WordPress 4.0 which was released September 2014.  The intension is to show you how to […]

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Yoast SEO Plugin Into

Here is a quick intro to YOAST, Yoast is the most comprehensive plugin you are likely to come across, especially when it comes to having a WordPress website, and in particular for […]

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Make the most of your blogging

If you are a blogger, who is spending their time writing numerous blog posts hoping people are going to keep visiting your site or subscribing to your blog. There is another way, by […]

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Google +

Google+ Your Business

I was recently looking for details on a local pub and noticed that they didn’t have a website. However, they did come up on Google maps but nobody had put up any […]

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