Yoast SEO Plugin Into

Here is a quick intro to YOAST, Yoast is the most comprehensive plugin you are likely to come across, especially when it comes to having a WordPress website, and in particular for those people who are seduced by marketing specialists and Guru’s who advocate the value of the three magic letters to success – SEO that is Search Engine Optimisation to most.

Yoast is probably one of the most downloaded plugins out there, however in a lot of cases it is the least used, many people feel by downloading it, it will miraculously improve their rankings on search engines like Google, and that everyone will now know about them and what they do.

Unfortunately, you need to know that in order for Yoast to work properly beyond the default settings, there is more work required. If you do nothing the basic setting will use heading and text that might not be as specific as you require.

What Yoast does is provide a framework of simple questions, tick boxes, prompts and links using lay terms when it comes to what to include and what not to include and sets in place a strategy for ensuring that your SEO is working for you and not against you and that you are getting the maximum amount of attention from the search engines.

The basics of SEO are the foundation of what we at PosAbilities do when we design and build our websites, and in reality a Plugin like Yoast just becomes an extension of the design work and build structure we have already put into the website from the beginning.

However there is a lot of SEO and self marketing that can be done instinctively when managing uploads and posts on your own website, and along with indexing the original built pages Yoast plugin for WordPress works well hand in hand and becomes an extension of the work already done by your web designer.

If you wish to find out more on how to configure and set up Yoast visit their website for a comprehensive tutorial or you can buy they’re newly released ebook called Optimise your WordPress site, or alternatively please feel free to give us a call to see how we can help.

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