Social Media Strategy

Social media is a subject we have spoken a lot about recently. But there is one thing we haven’t mentioned, strategy. Like so many businesses, small and large, we are learning and developing all the time. So we’ve got all our social media pages revamped but we need to make sure we’re blogging, tweeting, posting and everything else. It’s not great going to a site and noticing they haven’t posted for a while.

We have started building and developing our own strategy, it’s not written in stone. Our plan is to develop and build it over time but most importantly we are setting realistic goals.

Social Media Strategy

Useful Resources

Here are some great resources to help your strategy. Let us know of any you have tried and like.

Social Media Expert Podcast
Interviews of industry experts on various social media.

This is a great online tool that you can use to schedule posts across all your social media sites.

This is another useful online tool for setting up automated actions on you social media sites, from sending an automatic welcome message to new followers on Twitter and lots more.

One Response to Social Media Strategy

  1. Lynette Marshall 3rd May 2013 at 12:51 pm #

    I forgot to add Google+ to my graphic!!! I do use Google+ but it tends to be sporadic.