We all know we should backup our work but how often do we really. Our websites are another thing that should be regularly backed up, especially if you are spending time writing articles and keeping the content up to date. If you have a WordPress website, you may have noticed that you have some updates on your dashboard for core files and plugins DO NOT update before you back up.

Backup Plugins


You can always use a Plugin link UpdraftPlus or BackUpBuddy. There are much more than this but this a couple we have used. We now use UpdraftPlus it’s relatively easy to use and you can purchase add-ons if you want more options.

Once you have uploaded the plugin you just need to click the Backup Now Button. You can configure your settings to send your backup to our Dropbox or a variety of other options.

Manual Backup

With WordPress websites, you will need to update your FTP files and your database files.

FTP files

You can use a free FTP file program like FileZilla to back up your FTP files, ask your hosting supplier for your FTP details.

Data files

If you have access to your hosting to phpMyAdmin you can backup your database files there or you can download a MySQL backup programme like Sequel Pro, however, there are many out there. If you do not know your database details contact your hosting supplier.

Hosting Backups

Some hosting companies offer a backup service either as an additional charge or you can access it through your control panel. It’s worth checking how it works and how you can reinstall the backup if you need to.

For more information on backup assistance for WordPress, you can visit the WordPress Codex