Every business can benefit from building brand loyalty. Having a cohesive visual identity reinforces your brand personality making you more memorable and giving a feeling of familiarity.

A full brand guidelines can be expensive but there are certain rules that will help keep your business identity. Continuity is key to creating a brand style; logo, fonts, colours, imagery and photography.

Logo – Once you have a logo use it and don’t keep changing.

Fonts – Stick to one font, mixing fonts can look messy unless you know what you are doing. Don’t forget you may have to have a print font and a web font, not all fonts are suitable for the web.


Colours – Keep your colour palette simple and stick to it. Name a brand then think what colours they use, eg. Waitrose = Green, Tescos = Blue and Red.


Images / Photography – When using images try and keep to a similar look and feel it helps to keep that cohesive look to your brand.


Where to start?

If you don’t have a logo or one that you are happy with, get a graphic design like ourselves to create a new one or review an old one. Logos don’t have to have graphics they can be just text but its important to use the right font and get the kerning and balance spot on.

Start by thinking about your brand personality, is it serious or playful, masculine or feminine? What is your demographic are they old or young, male or female, sophisticated or informal? All of these things will help to get an understanding of the whole visual identity.

Examples of brand guidelines Kew Gardens