Elementor has been a key element to our websites recently. It allows users to edit there pages easily with out shortcodes getting in the way. 

One of the main things to remember is that when you go to edit a page in WordPress instead of the standard WordPress edit page you will see a big blue button in the middle of the screen saying “Edit with Elementor” (see below).

Once you have clicked on the blue button your Elementor screen will open. The key to understanding this page is that your visual side is on the right and your editing side is on the left.

Although you click on the right hand side (editor panel) to select the area you wish to edit always use the left (elementor panel) to do the edits.

Elementor have created a number of great videos to help you edit and set up pages. This video gives and overview of how it works.

For more Elementor videos visit their YouTube Channel.

Understanding your Elementor Panel

Your Elementor panel is on the left hand side of your screen. 

When you first open the page you will see all the elements that you can add to you page (fig 1). You can use any of the elements by dragging and dropping them in the area you wish to have it.

Edit Text Editor

If you already have elements on the page you are more likely to want to edit those section.

If you hover over the section you want to edit (on the right) you will see a blue pencil in the top right hand corner. 

Right click on the blue pencil and a popup window will appear as below. Click on the “Edit Text Editor”. Your Elementor Panel will change to “Edit Text Editor” (fig 2).

fig 1

Once you have the test editor open you can change your text in the left hand side of your screen add bold, bullets, links etc.

Once you have finished any edits you will need to save them. You can do this by clicking the green “update” button at the bottom of the Elementor panel.

The same principle for editing image or other sections on your page apply. Hover over section, right click the blue pencil and edit in your Elementor panel.

When you want to leave the page click on the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) in the top left hand corner.

There are a number of options, to return to the back end of your website click “Exit to dashboard” or to view the page click “View Page”.


If you have any problems and would like some tuition or someone to do the edits for you.