We are regularly asked which hosting company to use. There are loads out there with varying results. We strongly advise our customers to purchase their own domain names and hosting as it means they are in control. It used to be that you would get a website with hosting and domain but please DO NOT do that. What happens when you can not contact your web designer at the weekend or they are on holiday. I’m sorry you, of course, we don’t have weekends or holidays! No seriously what does happen? You can sometimes be left with your website down and potentially missing out on important leads and clients.

We have tested a number of hosting companies over the years with mixed results. In 2016 we started using SiteGround who are based in the Netherlands. They have servers in the UK, USA and Singapore. We had decided to move our hosting as we were having problems with the speed of our site and emails going missing. Having done some research SiteGround kept cropping up especially with the developers of Yoast the SEO people. So we decided to give them ago.

Being so pleased with SiteGround we now host all our own websites with them. We decided to do a final check and see if the hosting would make much difference to the speed and we could not believe it. Using Pingdoms Speed test we put the same site on 2 different servers. With our old hosting company the page speed was 893ms but on SiteGround it was 192ms!!!

They are really helpful too when things don’t go to plan. We have used both their phone support and their online chat, you do have to go through the self-help section first but look carefully and you will see the text at the bottom with a link to contact them.

Another thing to note is they include an SSL in the price so no additional extras. There is a simple WordPress quick install plus a WordPress migration tool if you are moving a site from another server. They have 3 main packages on the shared hosting Start Up, Grow Big and Go Geek. The Start Up package is perfect for one site but if you have more go for the Grow Big. They also offer Cloud Hosting if you need something a bit heftier.