We have all seen websites that have so many messages you can not work out where you are meant to look, let alone go. Simplifying your website design can make it much easier for your viewers to navigate and a much more pleasant experience for them too.


The first rule to simplifying your website design is to create a hierarchy. Decide what your key messages are and number them, that way you can see what really is important. If you have a number of items you consider to be equal, try and keep it down to 3 by grouping things together.

Once you have a hierarchy you can start zoning areas. start with your most important message at the top or make it bigger. However be careful that you don’t have too many different size texts on a page. I was always taught to have no more than 3 sizes unless you really know what you are doing.


You can use more than one style of font but again you have to use typography that complements each other and has a purpose. You can use different fonts to create a hierarchy, for example, a serif font for titles and san serif for the body text. Check out my previous article Fonts, Types and Text – Whats the difference between Serif and San Serif? But if you want a clean simple site keep to one font type. For more on Combining Fonts check out this article by Hoefler & Co.

combining Fonts


Another thing that is worth keeping to is a maximum of is 3 colours. You can use more but you need to use the right tones and balance. If you have too many colours on a page, the all-important hierarchy gets lost and the website design can look confusing. A great place to look at colour palettes is Pinterest and ColourLovers


Colour Combos


Don’t over complicate your website by adding unnecessary pages. Create a site plan so you can work out what pages you really need. If you need to you can create subsections, but keep it logical and simple.


However, you decide to simplify your website, be consistent with your colours, fonts and even layout.

Finally don’t forget your call to actions make it clear what your viewer should do next, so if you would like to find out how we can simplify your website contact us today!