When you write a blog or post there are a number of things that you should do. Keywords are an integral part but there are other aspects of being aware of. Here some of the SEO best practices we recommend when writing a post in WordPress.

SEO Best Practices

1 Make sure that your keywords are in your URL and Title

In WordPress, your URL is generated from your title but if you change your title your URL does not automatically up to date. You can change your URL by editing it.

SEO Best Practices - WordPress Edit URL2 Don’t make your article too short

Search engines prefer pages with over 250 words. Make sure you have your keywords in the text SEO best practices say a maximum 4.5%.

4 Add a meta description and SEO Title

If you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed this is made easy for you. Your SEO title can be the same as your page title, make it descriptive. The meta description can be the intro of your article or a shortened version. You have 156 characters that include spaces.

SEO Snippet PreviewSEO Snippet

SEO Image Labels5 Make sure you label your images

When you upload an image the file name should be descriptive space should not be used but – or _ can be used if required. Once the image is uploaded give it a Title and Alt Text. Not only does this provide a description when you hover over the image but the search engines prefer it. For extra SEO points, you can use your keywords in the labels for your images too.

6 External Links

External links are good so long as they are relevant to the article. When adding external links don’t forget to open them in a new page and give them a title. NEVER use the URL as the link always use a descriptive text, not only do the URLs look ugly they are not user-friendly.

External Link




If you follow these 6 simple SEO best practices each time you do an article your pages should get a better ranking.

To find out more about WordPress SEO by Yoast you can visit Yoast’s Website

If you would like us to install the plugin for you give us a call.