I have recently been asked by a couple of people how to create a link to a downloadable file, like a PDF or large image. This article is a quick overview of how to do this.

Once you have your file ready that you want to add to you website you will need to upload it to your server. Firstly make sure the file is not bigger than 20mb.

Go the the Media section in your WordPress Dashboard and click on the “Add New”. Click on “Select File”, locate the file on your computer and upload it.

Once your file is uploaded you will see on the right hand side of your screen a grey box with the details on your upload. This will include the file URL. You will need this as this is the location on your server where the file is now stored. Copy the URL by selected all the text and pressing Cmd C or Ctl C.

Now you will need to go to the page where you want the file to be downloaded from. Type in some description text, then highlight the text you wish to be the link and click on the chain icon on your toolbar.

A pop up will appear onscreen. Paste (Cmd V / Ctrl V) the URL you copy into the URL field. Click the blue arrow to accept or the clog for more options.

It is usually a good idea to go to link options and select Open link in a new tab.

Before it is visible you must “publish” or “update” your page or post.